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  • Grant A. Toeppen

How an Attorney Fills out a Citation for Conservatorship for a Limited Conservatorship (GC-320)

Here's another video in the series by attorney Grant A. Toeppen showing how he fills out the required paperwork to establish a limited conservatorship of the person in California. This one shows you how he completes a Citation for Conservatorship.

If you have a developmentally disabled child who is about to (or has already) become an adult, it is imperative that you consider a limited conservatorship if you wish to continue making medical, residential, educational, and other decisions for your child.

Nothing in this video is to be taken as legal advice. Nothing in this video creates an attorney-client relationship between you and Grant A. Toeppen. Grant A. Toeppen practices estate planning, probate, and conservatorship law. His law firm is Advance Planning, A Law Corporation. His office is based in Manteca, California with a branch in Livermore, California.

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