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  • Grant A. Toeppen

Capacity Declaration - Limited Conservatorship - How to Prepare Form GC-335 for a Physician

In this video, probate and estate planning attorney Grant A. Toeppen shares how to prepare a Capacity Declaration for a Limited Conservatorship to be completed by a physician.

This form is required for a limited conservatorship. A physician completes the form, giving an assessment of the proposed conservatee's capacity. Courts rely heavily on this document when deciding whether to grant a limited conservatorship of the person. While a physician does most of the heavy lifting when completing this form, it is important to make sure the physician fills it out completely and correctly. Otherwise, a judge might ask for a new capacity declaration.

Nothing in this video is intended to be construed as legal advice. It is just attorney Grant A. Toeppen sharing his experiences with what works and what does not work for him when presenting the form to a physician. Nothing in this video creates an attorney-client relationship between anyone and Grant A. Toeppen.

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